gar2rnx / Java download

Currently only "async" (data collection) command is available for download.
For RINEX converter you have to go to original site.
Lack of RINEX converter shouldn't be a big problem since the most important thing to do in terrain is collection of raw GPS data; the rest (including diferential postprocessing) can be done at home.

gar2rnx / Java is free (under GPL license)

Click here to download:

gar2rnx / Java binary ver 0.1

gar2rnx / Java source code ver 0.1

Instalation instructions:

First, you should download gar2rnx / Java binary version and unzip it to some location.
gar2rnx.jar is main "executable" file. You can run it by starting Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on it. How to do it depends on your operating system and JVM version. Here I'll give some examples. For more information, refer to JVM documentation.

For "standard", Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) you should issue a following from command line:

java -jar gar2rnx.jar parameters
For older Java 1.1.x:
jre -classpath gar2rnx.jar async parameters
Where parameters are "async" parameters documented in README.txt file.

If you don't have Java 2 environment, chances are you don't have to download it from Sun. If you're running Windows you should have Microsoft Internet Explorer which have Java enabled in full install.
To check it, just issue "jview" command from command line. It should work. Then you can run gar2rnx / Java by issuing command:

jview /cp gar2rnx.jar async parameters
If you don't have JVM - you have to get one from Sun, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Insignia or some other vendor.

When you have Java Virtual Machine installed and working correctly, time to install Java Communication API.
For more info on that module, go to Java comm page.

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